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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Electric Energy Sources by State and NASA's Earth Observation Satellite

As our team and fellow industry professionals come off a busy week at the 2019 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, let's take a break before getting back to business as usual. Take a moment... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: News on Mathematics in Data Science and Future-Proofing Oil and Gas Businesses

There has been a lot of talk this week about software, databases, and the Oil and Gas industry - well, at least on our end. Let's explore the news, posts, and resources our team has shared throughout the week, including... [more]


5 Essential Analysis, Mapping, and Visualization Applications Designed for Petroleum Professionals

When it comes to software, we do not believe that one app fits all should apply to every industry. This is especially true for the Oil and Gas - in particular, Petroleum - industry. Discover our top five recommendations for... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: News on UX Design for Big Data and Tracking Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects Online

We hope you have had a productive week and are looking forward to the weekend. While you are planning your to-do list for the next couple days amidst lazy day projects and relaxing, take a moment to catch up on... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: News on Big Tech for Big Oil and World Magnetic Shifts

Take a moment for yourself, grab another cup of coffee, and dig in to this week's #WeekliiiRoundUp post where we bring together the latest news on magnetic shifts, new tech and custom software development... [more]


5 Reasons Custom Software Development is Essential for Oil and Gas Companies

Over the last decade, the Oil and Gas industry has seen its fair share of fluctuation. These ups and downs have taught many businesses how to tighten their budgets, evaluate their own processes and workforce, and make every resource count.... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: News on the Basics of GIS and History of Saudi Aramco

Even though it is a short week for many of our offices and colleagues, that does not mean our socializing has to suffer. To make it through the weekend, we have rounded up our favorite #MeetTheProduct and #DailyBrainCandiii posts from... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Smart Data and Environmental Resource Metadata

It is time to kick back, relax, and catch up on the news and posts we have shared throughout this week. We're diving into the world of Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources, Smart Data, and Canadian pipelines in today's [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Data Act and User Stories

Take a break and catch up on the news and posts we have shared throughout the week. From the impact of new concepts in the Oil and Gas industry to new laws for the Geographic Information System (GIS) field, it's... [more]


The Real World View: Explore Case Study Applications Of Our Biggest GIS Software

When it comes to investing in applications, software, and tools, we value seeing examples and case studies before making a big commitment. We want to know as much about the capabilities of the software solution at hand, how it can... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Location Intelligence and Phantom Volcanoes

Let's explore today's #WeekliiiRoundUp brimming with news on new technology for seismic data conversion, new approaches to Geographic Information System (GIS) education, and new updates on our next event. Want to stay informed outside... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Python Development Set-Up and Virtual Reality in Oil & Gas

Winding down another week, let's explore the latest and greatest news we have shared throughout the last few days. From technology innovations in the Oil and Gas field to applying Knowledge Management practices and applications for Environmental resources, it's all... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: STEM Education and Oil and Gas Asset Placement

Take a break, grab another cup of coffee, and read up on the latest news and posts we have shared with you throughout the last few days. Everything from advocating STEM education while eating pie (sorry, pi) to the need... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: SLAM Technology and Spatial Data Spring Cleaning

We have made it to the end of another week, and our team is excited to share our latest posts and shares with you from the past few days. In search of tips for better organizing your spatial data stores?... [more]


Spring Cleaning How-To: Enterprise Spatial Data

It may not be officially the start of a new season, but we have decided to get a head-start at preparing you for your upcoming Spatial Spring Cleaning challenges. Are you taking the opportunity over the next couple months to... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: World Record Solar Batteries and Everyday Machine Learning

Here at Integrated, we are welcoming in a brand new month and ushering out yet another week. Thankfully, we have a few things to share with you in the midst of that. Explore the latest articles and news we have... [more]


5 Questions Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Can Answer

Those of us who work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), no strangers to terms like spatial data or coordinate reference systems and know our way around a map, realize the value that this field can offer. For those who are... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Tech Trends and Clean Energy Distribution

This week we have explored the need for conventional assets in clean energy technology, ways to get the most out of your move to Esri's ArcGIS Pro software platform, trends to keep eye out for in the geospatial world, and... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Specialty Solutions and ArcGIS Pro License Management

Are you looking for ways to add extra special solutions to your workflow? Interested in getting up and running with Geographic Information System (GIS) software like ArcGIS Pro? Curious about the correlation between Oil and Gas prices and the global... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Alberta Carbon Trunk Line and IT Team Assistance

As we close out another week, read up on the posts and news we have shared throughout the last few days. From efforts being made in Alberta to cut down on air pollution to the importance of making your IT... [more]


Even Your IT Team Needs Software Assistance: Signs It Is Time For A New Approach

There is an unsung hero in every business. For many companies, this includes the IT, or Internal Tech, team. These professionals are responsible for ensuring your equipment – whether it be the laptops you type away at or the software... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: NADCON 5.0 and The History of Chevron

Let's take a break from this busy week to catch up on the articles, news, and wisdom we have shared throughout the week. From generating alignment sheets to updates in the geodetics field, it is time to explore more below.... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Data Lakes and LNG Activity

As you are winding down your week, add a few reads to your to-do list. Explore those #DailyBrainCandiii and #MeetTheProduct posts we have shared throughout the week, including... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Operational Intelligence and Machine Learning Masters

Take a moment in your day to read up on big hitting topics - from Big Data to Intelligent Enterprise and on to Machine Learning. Explore those tasks to take on this year and ways to better understand the industries... [more]


New Year, New Business Practices: Ways To Better Optimize Your Big Data Performance

The new year is the perfect time for fresh beginnings. As a rule – or just an overwhelming coincidence – we all have an innate desire to implement changes in our day-to-day lives that set us up for success in... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Data Storage Tips and Pipeline Network Optimization

Let's wind down the week with quick reads we have shared with you throughout this week. From outlooks in the Oil and Gas industry to the importance of getting a grasp on your data storage - and more, it is... [more]


The Planning Process: The Best Approaches to Pipeline Network Optimization

The way in which a developing field in the Oil and Gas industry is planned will differ from project to project. When considering the area, the presence of assets for tie-ins, the possibility of future development, and many more factors... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Tech Industry Outlook and Big Data in Big Oil

As you get back into your regularly scheduled workday after a long holiday break, let's take a second to unwind and rewind - looking back on the posts we have shared with you throughout this past week. Sit back, relax,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Surveying State Boundaries and Oil and Gas History

With our final #WeekliiiRoundUp of 2018, we want to explore the history of Oil and Gas supermajors, the discrepancies in surveying boundaries, Marco's adventures at the Office, and more. Take a break, and explore... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Crude Oil Pucks and Data Management Trends

As you prepare to put your Out of Office on and pack up for the holidays, let's take a minute to sit back, relax, and read up on the latest technology and industry news we have shared throughout this last... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Heat Maps and the Oil and Gas Sweet Spot

In our latest #WeekliiiRoundUp, we are bringing you a mix of news and good-to-knows. From our latest email newsletter and on to observing ocean data from space, let's dive in to this week's read.... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Industry 4.0 and LAS Binary Case Studies

Welcoming in the end of another week, we are looking forward to sharing with you the posts and articles we have shared throughout the week on outlets like Twitter and [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Pipeline Solutions and ArcGIS Online Updates

We have made it to the end of the week which means - another round-up! Dive in to the #DailyBrainCandiii and #Solutiiions posts we have shared with you... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Oil Production from Space and Your #DailyBrainCandiii Fix

Let's wind down the week with a quick read on all the news, posts, and more we have shared throughout the last few days. With topics on what to expect when pursuing custom development services to monitoring oil production from... [more]


5 Answers to Know Before Seeking Custom Development Services

As companies embrace custom development services to get the most out of their tasks, teams, and technology, we realize just how unique bespoke development can be – and even ways it shows similarities no matter the service provider or client... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: GIS Day and Big Data Misconceptions

After bringing your newsfeed - whether it has been Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or [more]


The Best Ways to Celebrate GIS Day This Year

Today marks the official day to celebrate the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), taking time to learn about the newest innovations and recognizing just how far the field has come in so many years. That’s right, today is GIS... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Enterprise Workflow Efficiency and Overland Flow Models

Bringing you details on the importance of maps, the real value in a flexible approach to Overland Flow modeling for pipeline and oil spills, and much more - let's explore what we have for you today in our latest [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Big Data Stockpiles and October 2018 Newsletter

We hope you have had a ghoulishly productive week - we know we have! This week we shared our latest newsletter with those on our email list. (Have not subscribed yet? Sign up [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Custom Development and Oil and Gas History

This week has been all about getting things done efficiently, effectively, and as personalized as possible. Take a moment to look back at this week's #DailyBrainCandiii and #MeetTheProduct... [more]


The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Custom Development

Over the years, we have seen shifts in the technology world that have kept industries on their toes. More and more businesses are embracing the practice of storing data in the cloud, properly allocating the update of software and systems... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Petroleum Products and Decision Support

Over the past few days, we have shared a few articles and posts with you we think will really help to see things in a new light. From finding new ways to accomplish complex tasks to discovering what powers those... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: New LNG Projects and Search-and-Rescue Apps

Let's take a second to explore those #DailyBranCandiii and #MeetTheProduct posts we have shared throughout this past week, including one about tracking Search and Rescue teams with custom... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Simplified Solutions and Emergency Preparedness

In case you have not had a chance to get caught up on the posts and news we have shared throughout this week, we have a breakdown here just for you. From Emergency Preparedness practices to Python tutorials, let's dive... [more]


Applying GIS to Emergency Preparedness and Response Practices

In our final installment of the Effectively Managing Pipeline Regulatory Requirements with GIS series, we are going to tackle one of the most importance aspects of properly planning for... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Public Health Research and the Online Platform

We have shared a posts throughout this week centered around the industries of Oil and Gas as well as Public Health - and even a call to embrace the application of web and mobile technology. We aren't ashamed to admit... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: September Newsletter and Tableau Dashboard Tips

As that old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Fortunately for you, we have sprinkled a touch of it on this week's posts and #DailyBrainCandiii shares. Discover more about what our team... [more]


Simplified Solutions

We have many services and solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. Explore the categories listed below for examples of work we are a... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Safety Drills and Big Data Architecture

Wind down with a few quick reads - including news we have been dying to share with you. From the appropriate architecture for Big Data to safety drills in the Oil and Gas industry, we think you will learn a... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Integrated's Services and the Magic of Machine Learning

Let's check out the posts we have shared throughout this week, including the latest post in on ongoing series for the Oil and Gas industry. Have suggestions of content you'd like to see more of? Want to know more about... [more]


Enhancing Fate and Transport Modeling with GIS

As we continue with our series on Effectively Managing Pipeline Regulatory Requirements with applications and methodologies grounded in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), today we are covering how this technology... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Energy Management and Utility Asset Inspection

Did you happen to catch all of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts of the week? If you have fallen behind, here they all are lined up in a row. Take a second to sit back, relax,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: August Newsletters and Google Gone Global

At the end of another week, we want to make sure you have a read (or three) to go with your morning coffee and nudge you into the weekend. From our August Newsletter to new... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Basics and Scenario Planning

Did you catch all of our #DailyBrainCandiii and #MeetTheProduct posts this week? If not, no worries! Read up on all we have shared throughout the week below, including... [more]


Field Development Planning with GIS: Utilizing Automated and Flexible Workflows in Oil and Gas Planning

Do you remember that time we said that the efficiency brought on by implementing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its software into an industry or workflow literally knows no... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Enterprise Services and Renewed Geospatial Business

It's Friday, and we're ready to give you a glimpse of what we have shared throughout this week. From Unconventional Oil and Gas in Western Canada to developing strategies and managing spatial data, it's all here for the reading. Grab... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Overland Flow Modeling and Data Stories

While you are finishing off your work week strong, we hope you take the chance to catch up with us and all we have shared throughout this week. From talking about telling the right stories with your data - spatial... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 and GIS for PIM

We have been sharing news and stories throughout this week - including a new pipeline-heavy blog series to boot! - and we want to make sure you don't miss out. It is time to take that much needed break, and... [more]


Better Administering Integrity Management Programs with GIS

If you have been following along, the last time we spoke was about seeing the light at the increasingly dark tunnel named pipeline regulations. We realized that ... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Energy Podcasts and ArcGIS Migration Checklists

If it is your first full week back to work from the Esri User Conference or even if it is just a regular old work week, take a break and read up on the latest news, resources, and articles we... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Marine Oil Spill Response Apps and ArcGIS Pro Migration

It may be Friday the 13th, but that does not mean we are afraid to share some of our latest news. For those who are brave enough, grab another cup of coffee, sit back, and dive in to our latest... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Spatial Analysis and the Southern Gas Corridor

We know many of you are gearing up to head out to the West Coast for the Esri User while you finish up your last bit of work or finally get around to packing for the trip, here are... [more]


Identifying Regulatory Hurdles in the Pipeline Industry

If you or your business are not facing an obstacle in some way, you are likely missing out on a huge opportunity. It may sound backwards but being bombarded with problems - or what... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Commercial Excellence and ArcGIS Online Updates

Wind down your week with a quick read at the news and posts we have shared throughout this week. Filled to the brim with nice-to-know #DailyBrainCandiii posts about Oil and Gas, Geographic Information System... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Autodesk & An Ocean of Story Maps

Explore those #DailyBrainCandiii articles and posts we have shared with you throughout this last week, including our own June Newsletter. It is sure to please. Sit back, relax, and grab another cup (or two) of coffee to go with our... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Earth Upgrade and LNG Collaboration

As we find ourselves at the end of another week, we want to share with you the best and brightest posts we have shared the last few days. Want to see them before your Friday morning coffee? Be sure to... [more]


Effectively Managing Pipeline Regulatory Requirements with GIS

The concepts and technologies enveloped within the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are vast and highly applicable to nearly every industry. From Natural Resources to Utilities to Emergency Response, you name it and there is a space where this... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Esri User Conference and Oil and Gas Business Practices

Are you on the hunt for a solution to better manage your spatial data? Do you have an opinion - or at least want to have an opinion - about how Oil and Gas companies may better pick... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Indoor Positioning and ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the month of May - or better yet, the start of the year! Today finds us welcoming June. For most, that means sunshine, vacations, and relaxation. For others? Well, we'll see... [more]


Let's Go Pro: Resources for Esri's ArcGIS Pro

With the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) constantly evolving and technology itself always finding new and better ways to make things happen, the evolution of software is just a given. One such technology for GIS professionals is that of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Emissions Regulations and LAS Binary Loading

Are you amidst a spatial data overhaul? Is your team prepping to employ LAS data in an upcoming project? Have you heard about the proposal to modify emissions laws for new drill sites? Is that cup of coffee in front... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Citizen Apps and Oil and Gas Investment

We are on the hunt for a Software Developer to join one of our teams in Canada - and we also have a few technologically savvy and geo-education-based resources for you to check out. They are all here, wrapped neatly... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: UAV Standards and ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta

It has been a busy week - what with the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston and more. We know it must have been just as hectic (if not more!) for you so we have rounded up our favorite [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: IBM for Natural Resources and Remote Sensing Talks

Wind down your week and welcome in the new month with a quick read at the news and posts we have shared throughout this week. Filled to the brim with upcoming events, conferences for the Oil and Gas professional, and... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Transmission Projects and Geospatial Imagery Outlook

Bring a little energy into your day. Join us in reading up on the energy-, utilities-, and technology-centric posts we have shared with you throughout this last week on Twitter, [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Seismic Surveying and Story Map Journaling

This week has been brought to you by endless amounts of caffeine, #DailyBrainCandiii and #MeetTheProduct posts, and even news about the upcoming 2018 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Cartography MOOCs and Real Surveying

Explore those #DailyBrainCandiii articles and posts we have shared with you throughout this last week, including our own April Newsletter. It is sure to please. Sit back, relax, and grab another cup (or two) of coffee to go with our... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Smart Cities and Marco on the Web

It has been a long, spatially sound week. We know, and we're here for you. Take a break and dive into our roundup of #DailyBrainCandiii posts and exciting Marco-related announcements in this week's [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Digital Oilfield Technology and Spatial Data Discovery on the Web

Wind down your day by reading up on our top #DailyBrainCandiii posts this week. With news on Spatial Data Discovery from the convenience of your favorite web browser to the application of buzzworthy technology... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Drone Mapping and Spatial Spring Cleaning

This week has been a busy one. While we have been busy working on projects that will soon be ready for announcement, we have shared a few #DailyBrainCandiii articles this week that you may find interesting. Want to know what... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Pro Publishing and Wind Energy's Future

Rounding up this week, we have a few posts to share your way we think you will really enjoy. Everything from blockchain technology to the use of ArcGIS Pro in a publishing workflow awaits. Grab another cup of coffee. Sit... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Story Maps 101 and Transmission/Pipeline Solutions

While you are finishing off your work week strong, we hope you take the chance to catch up with us and all we have shared throughout this week. With Esri's conference season kicking off with the Esri Partner Conference and... [more]


Simplified Solutions: Transmission and Pipeline

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: OCS Leasing Regulations and the Value of GIS

Did you catch all of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts and announcements this week? If not, have no fear! Catch our favorite articles - and fun, Integrated news - from this week below. Round out your day with a little GIS and... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Applying Virtual Reality to Geomatics and Embracing an Updated GIS Pattern

While it's been a short week for some folks, we hope you all have made the most of it. Take time out of your busy Friday to read up on all things - okay, just a few things - Geomatics,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Building Offshore Platforms and Brushing Up On ArcGIS

This week we have had the fortune of sharing a number of #DailyBrainCandiii posts centered around the Energy and Natural Resources industries - as well as a few spotlights of our own. Below you will find this week's picks covering... [more]


ArcGIS 10.6: The End of an Era

Esri released its latest iteration of the ArcGIS platform last month. If you have had an ear to the spatial ground or caught our notes on pre-release features, you may be aware that ArcGIS 10.6... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Matchmaking and Python Development

It has been a week for the books...or at least for a post. Were you able to check out all of our posts this week - as well as a great opportunity just announced in... [more]


Does Your Spatial Data Need a Matchmaker?

February is the month when we are allowed a brief examination of our own lot in life, coming to realize one of three things: how much you love your significant other, how much you wish you had a significant other,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Essential Tips for Esri and Tableau

We are leaning into this Friday, offering up a round-up of our favorite posts and articles from this past week. Complete with news on the Oil and Gas industry outlook, tips for Esri and Tableau techniques, and more, read on... [more]


Simplified Solutions: Knowledge Management

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Cross-Platform Data Viz and Geothermal Introductions

In this week's catch-all of compelling reads, we are introducing new concepts in data visualization - like having your cake and eating it too - as well as discussing upcoming industries in the natural resources game and much more. Sit... [more]


Putting Spatial Data Visualization in Its Place

We are firm believers that you should be able to do more with your data. With the number of advanced data visualizations solutions out there, making your data work for you – instead of the other way around – has... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Release and Tableau's Hyper Arrive in 10.5

This week came with many an announcement on the technology front. From new releases of the ArcGIS platform to Tableau making the leap to Hyper-drive, we have a few quick snippets for you to read up on in our latest... [more]


ArcGIS Pro 2.1 is Released

We have talked the last few months about what the coming year will bring for many clients of the Esri ArcGIS platform as they begin the process of moving their Desktop fanbase to ArcGIS Pro. The latest step in this... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Cloud-Based Mobile Apps and Other Disruptive GIS Technology

Looking to get the latest news on geospatial technology and the oil and gas industry? Well, we've got a few things for you. While you're busy tidying up your To-Do list, read up on our latest posts and shares from... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: GIS Resolutions and Hacks to Take Into the New Year

This week is a time for reflection and making plans to be our best selves - both in and out of the office. In honor of that, snag a peek at our #WeekliiiRoundUp featuring posts on GIS tutorials, industry outlooks,... [more]


5 New Year's Resolutions for the GIS User

After ushering out 2017 with a bang, we have been welcoming 2018 with open arms. It is a new year to try new things or, at the very least, to get a couple of the "old things" right. With a... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Liquified Natural Gas, The Office, and More...

Although it feels as if it just began, 2017 is coming to a close. We have a couple throwbacks in our #WeekliiiRoundUp this week, complete with a map that may elicite a laugh or groan...Okay, most likely a little of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Platform, Canadian Oil and Gas Milestones, and More...

Before you head off to your final few holiday parties and prepare for speed wrapping gifts - or quickly buying them if you are that person - take a quick break to indulge in the latest news and posts from... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: GIS Applications, LAS, and More...

We think you deserve a break. Take a few minutes to sit back, relax, and maybe grab that third cup of coffee while you read up on posts we have shared or come across this week. We promise they will... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Finding Extra in Full Field Optimization with Constraints and Scenarios

It's okay to be a bit extra at times. Extra data, extra solutions, extra guacamole at Chipotle. We like having options when it comes to our everyday lives, but also in regards to much more complex matters - like Full... [more]


Getting the Point: Working Directly with LAS Binary

Last month, our office in St. John's, NL presented at the Geomatics Atlantic 2017 Conference on the topic of working with LAS binary, especially as it pertains to the determination of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Knowledge Management, Open Data Portals, and More...

As you are spending your day rushing to meet any last minute deadlines, prepping for your holiday parties, or just catching a quick cat nap behind your office door, we want to share with you a round-up of the good... [more]


Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources: Analytics and Searchability

In our quest for better defining Knowledge Management practices for fields associated with large amounts of data - looking at you, Environmental Resources - we have discussed the necessity to discover what data lives on... [more]


Simplified Solutions: Enterprise Services

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Location Data as a Commodity, Admin Settings, and More...

It is hard to believe the year has sped by so quickly, leaving us welcoming in December already. We are sure the next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of finishing up projects, jingle bells, and afternoon sugar-rushes... [more]


Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources: Results Database

Last week, we waxed poetic on the importance of knowing your enterprise data, discussing important pieces of metadata to keep an eye out for and methods for gleaning this information from the depths of the... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Deep Learning, Specialty Solutions, and More...

Although a short week for our US office, this week has been nothing short of action-packed. Between the continuation of projects, hitching our wagon to the ArcGIS Pro Beta bandwagon, and speaking at the Geomatics... [more]


Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources: Data Discovery

This past week we strongly hinted at posts to come highlighting the importance of and methodology for Knowledge Management as it applies to the Environmental Resources sector and the multitude of data associated with it. The first stop on our... [more]


Simplified Solutions: Specialty

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS 10.6, GRS Standardization, and More...

We're looking forward to the weekend as we know you are. What with the beginning of a new series on the application of Knowledge Management practices for environmental resources as well as playing around with... [more]


Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources

We don't want to completely overwhelm you, but did you know that Knowledge Management isn't just applicable to the Oil and Gas industry?

We have spoken about this a good deal in past posts when discussing the value of [more]


What's New in ArcGIS 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro 2.1

It's mid-November. Somehow this year has slipped by quickly enough with only a month shy of ringing in the New Year with fireworks and a stack of new Esri software releases. Over the last month, Esri has started rolling out... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Offshore Oil Benefits, Overland Spill Modeling, and More...

This week has flown by, but don't they all? Below you will find our round-up of posts and articles we have shared throughout the week. We hope you enjoy - and if you have extra time on your hands, here... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: GIS in Government, Decision Support, and More...

This week we have pulled together a little variety for you. Coming to the end of a blog series, revving up for a new one next week, and showing off a few apps and solutions up our sleeves is where... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform: Content Management

This week we have made it to the final post of our Embracing the Online Platform series. If you haven't listened to anything that came before this post - and hopefully you have - listen... [more]


Simplified Solutions: Decision Support

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services, Knowledge... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Wind Power Hub, Geomatics Atlantic, and More...

Today's talk is a tad windy, blowing in with this week's content from across the globe. We have news aplenty peppered by Integrated Marco Studio and LiDAR talk as well. We look forward to sharing this with you. Grab your... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform: Reporting Prowess

While it is true that we like to have our data and see it too, we also are human. Give us an inch, and we will ask for fully customizable capabilities wherever possible. It is a known fact. As we... [more]


Name Meets Place: Geotagging Non-Spatial Data

We all have those files. You know which ones I am talking about. The piles upon piles of PDFs and Word documents that reference one or more geographic locations and are handy - nay, I say, essential - for projects... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Analytics, Canadian Oil Production, and More...

This week's cast of content is brimming with fun reads - and even a poster or so for those who rather take their time exploring something a bit more visual. Get a look at those posts we have rounded up... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform: Analytical Attraction

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Several weeks ago, we talked about the importance of interface when Embracing the Online Platform. If you remember, one consideration for the interface is to consider including [more]


Solutions, Services, and Simplification

At Integrated Informatics, Inc., simplifying processes and technology is the talk we talk and the walk we walk. The majority of our solutions were developed with easing stress caused by complex workflows in mind. Over the last decade, we have... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Data Viz, Methane Minimization, and More...

It is Friday, it is the 13th, and we are feeling oh so lucky. Need a few words to get you through your next meeting (or two) or tales of geo-whoah to slip in to your cooler talk? We have... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform: Data Inclusion

Today we are moving right along with our obsession with Embracing the Online Platform. So far, we have talked about why you should make the move to Web Apps and Web Maps. We have waxed... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Smart Cities, ArcGIS Pro, and More...

Imagine you have a minute or two to spare and do not know what to do. I know, impossible to fathom. What about a quick stroll in the sunshine? Or even a couple push-ups in that empty conference room down... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform: Importance of the Interface

Recently, we dipped our toes into the pool that is Why should we be employing Web Apps? when talking about Embracing the Online Platform in general. In a time when the world is available at... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Disaster Preparedness, Python Libraries, and More...

We here at Integrated have a few things up our sleeves this week. Not only have we been preparing for the Newleef show next month, we have been full steam ahead working on projects and looking for lucky candidates to... [more]


Embracing the Online Platform

It is no secret that Web Applications are the new norm and have been for a while. The ways in which we interact with our data has changed drastically over the years. Gone are the days where paper maps are... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: 3D Web Apps, Wind Farms, and More...

This week has been one for the books...and the articles. For those interested in a read (or five) to round out your week, you have hit the jackpot. Check out the line-up below to see what the latest is in... [more]


Accomplish the Impossible: Utilizing Feature Classes in Tableau

Over the last year, Tableau has made great strides in bulking up its processing capabilities, adding spatial data to its brunch menu. The ability to pull file types like shapefiles directly into Tableau provides data ambassadors with spatial analysis options... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Cutting Edge Reactors, Marco Madness, and More...

We are shaking things up with today's Weekliii Round-Up, bringing in a couple high energy pieces in one efficient package. For those looking to get in-tune with their energetic side - whether that be nuclear, natural, or green - there... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Natural Gas Supply, ArcGIS, and More...

We have pulled together a few reads from this week to help you top off your Friday and settle into your weekend. They are a little on the nerdy side, but that makes them even cooler.

Extra bonus? There may even... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Mancos Shale, Hurricane Harvey, and More...

Many Americans are heading into a long weekend filled with pool parties and shenanigans thanks to Labor Day. Many of those in Texas and Louisiana, unfortunately, will be involved in much less "fun" activities as they repair the damage caused... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Total Eclipse, Georeferencing in Pro, and More...

As our Houston office braces for rain and wind (hey there, Harvey!), we hope you're enjoying your Friday. Have a few minutes to spare while winding down for the afternoon? We've got just thing for you! Catch up on our... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Internet of Things, Oil and Gas Job Market, and More...

If you have been keeping up with our #DailyBrainCandiii posts this week, then you know these articles have been bustling, bountiful, and buzzworthy...and even better, truly BrainCandiii worthy. If you haven't? Well, that's why we're here. Grab another cup of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Shale Revival, New-Age Silicon Valley, and More...

If you are on the hunt for more than just Consumer Reports and Game of Thrones fan theories to add to your afternoon readings, you have come to the right place. "Variety is the spice of life" seemed to be... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Hub, Sphinx, and More...

If you are looking to catch up on a good read (or two...or five), you have come to the right place! In this week's #WeekliiiRoundUp, we take a look at insights in software development, Iron Viz imaginations, and newest innovations... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Models, Machine Learning, and More...

On the hunt for an article or two to get you through your afternoon or even reading to supplement with that third cup of coffee? No fear. We have you covered. Catch this week's picks for #DailyBrainCandiii posts as well... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Esri UC, Geospatial Tech, and More...

Although we have spent much of this week getting back into the groove of things after a long, GIS-packed week in San Diego, we have managed to get a few things accomplished. You know, like rounding up these awesome #DailyBrainCandiii... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Virtual Reality, Drone Regulations, Flag Fam, and More...

We have had a lot of cool #DailyBrainCandiii posts this week - including lots of talk about drone technology and the virtual reality revolution. Here's a breakdown of all the good stuff for those of you looking to get geo-educated... [more]


Marco Studio Meets the Office

No matter how you found yourself here today, we welcome you with open arms and jokes a dime a dozen. If you are coming to this post from the Map Gallery (or live in the GIS world in general), you... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: ArcGIS Pro 2.0, Data-Based Marketing, and More...

It has been a short week for some, but the fact still remains - We all made it here to this very same #WeekliiiRoundUp. Below is a collection of fun articles and maps from our #DailyBrainCandiii and #MapOfTheDay posts this... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Permian Basin, Oceanography, and More...

Alright, alright, alright. While many of us are patiently waiting for the long weekend to begin, we thought it would be nice to give you a little reading material to help you relax and push off your workload by just... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Firefly Cartography, ArcGIS Pro, and More...

It's Friday. We're here, you're here, and we're rounding up all these literary goodies for you from this week. Sit back, relax, and spend the end of your week getting your geoeducation.

(We have a quick announcement as well, stay tuned!)



Weekliii Round-Up: Command-Line Cartography, Animal Tracking, and More...

As Robert Smith once said, it's Friday and I'm in love...with all of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts! Experiencing too much excitement about your upcoming weekend plans? Need to look busy at work while you wait for that clock to strive 5?... [more]


Marco is a Hit...Literally

By nature, we like simplicity. We like being able to find an answer to a question almost as soon as we think it. (Thanks, Google!) We also like for everything to have its precise... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: World War II, Blend Modes, and More...

Today we so goodbye to yet another week and hello to another weekend. While we do so, let's recount the #DailyBrainCandiii articles we have shared through out this week. Dive into a lot of history, a little intrigue, and soar... [more]


For All Extents and Purposes...

On today’s wild ride on the #MarcoMonday express, let’s give a shout out to boxes. Okay, maybe not the cardboard kind. Boxes – or rather, more so boundaries – of the geographic kind are... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Flow Lines, Grand Canyon, and More...

If you are catching up on last minute tasks to close out your week at the office, we encourage you to add this one to your list. It may be a bit more fun than sending out memos about your... [more]


Marco and the Geographic Transformation

Welcome back to another edition of Ask Marco! Okay, sorry. I meant #MarcoMonday. This isn’t the beginnings of a "Dear Abby" column…or is it?

We are continuing our path down the Data Diagnosis Q +... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Narrative Atlas, Big Data, and More...

Happy Friday, all! We have made it to the end of another week. The posts we've shared as part of our #DailyBrainCandiii campaign this week have incidentally followed a cartography and Big Data theme. Don't let that scare you off... [more]


Data Age is Just a Number

Do you remember that old saying? You know, the one that goes to the tune of, “Age is just a number”. It is an apt motto for many things in life, like that person you are dating, that couch in... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Offshore Technology, Datasaurus Dozen, and More...

We have had quite a few fun #DailyBrainCandiii posts this week. Looking at you, Datasaurus. There is a little bit of everything to get your Friday going - Mystery, intrigue, and data for all! For those celebrating Victoria Day with... [more]


Marco the Matchmaker

Imagine, you are perusing the spatial data housed on your network. Thousands upon thousands of files to be sorted through, but you only want to know one thing. Which of these files are associated... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Big Data, Healthcare, and More...

It is finally here, our favorite weekday friend - Friday. To ease you out of this long week and give you a little something to procrastinate, here is a list of reading materials and geo-education resources shared throughout this week... [more]


Meet the Product: Safe Neighbor Database

Effective management of stakeholder information across an enterprise has been a constant challenge to energy companies, especially those with an ever-growing need to do more with less, and while continuing to meet regulatory obligations. Communication with stakeholders and managing stakeholder... [more]


Fire It Up: Heat Mapping for Broken Data Sources

Here we are. Another #MarcoMonday, another route on our Q+A quest.

Piggy backing on last week’s journey to finding those users responsible for the most broken Map Documents and Layer Files, let’s delve more into... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Bidding Rounds, Open Data, and More...

Did you happen to catch all of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts of the week? If not, here they all are lined up in a row. Take a second to sit back, relax, and find a few cool fun facts to share... [more]


Finding Your Gerta: Asking Who Broke What in Spatial Data Terms

Last week in the #MarcoMonday-verse, we introduced you to a cheat sheet for your Data Diagnosis practices. Sample questions to be considered when analyzing spatial data inventories and health of enterprise networks were handed... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Smart Cities, Drone Mapping, and More...

We like a good article, and we cannot lie. You other article-lovers can't deny...Is it wrong if a little piece of me hopes you rapped that in your head, Sir-Mix-a-Lot style? Let's go with no. Kick back, relax... [more]


Meet Forte: LiDAR Liaison for Vegetation Management

If you have worked for or within the Utilities industry, you know one or two things about RoW management. For instance, you know that I am not actually talking about swinging oars across a lake.

RoW - or Right-of-Way... [more]


Data Diagnosis Cheat Sheets and Semantics

Periodically evaluating the health of the data on your enterprise network is extremely important. I mean, you see your doctor for check-ups to make sure the old ticker and every other crucial part is working perfectly, right? I will just... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Sanborn, History Lessons, and More...

Around here, we like Friday almost as much we like #DailyBrainCandiii and #MapOfTheDay posts. I mean, who wouldn't? Okay, maybe we do still have our favorites, but you did not hear that from me.

Here's a look at the articles we... [more]


Meet GDX: The Well and Seismic Survey Data Slayer

Both having your data and being able to use it sometimes seems like a bizarre request. We naturally expect – or at the very least, cross our fingers – that the data we spend the time and resources to acquire... [more]


Knowledge Management Know-How

For this week’s rendition of #MarcoMonday, we are taking a step back and giving you a post that is more on the visual side.

If you have been reading along here – or really, any of our social media accounts –... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Seismic Mapping, Sun Glitter, and More...

Here we are at the end of another week, albeit a very busy week. For those who dropped by to chat at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, we're glad you could make it! For now, we wish everyone... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Casting Calls

If you have any experience with Integrated Geomancy, you know that optimization is the name of its game. As of v3.2 of this application, it has added a whole new level to its game – that of casting.

No, it is... [more]


Spice Up Your Data at 2017 Esri PUG and Beyond

Well guys and gals, this is the week! What week? Well…#EsriPUG week, of course.

For anyone unfamiliar, Esri PUG – or the Esri Petroleum User Conference – is a show held in Houston, TX for those professionals embracing GIS in the... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Google Sheets, Virtual Reality, and More...

Here we are at the close of another week. For those who have faired well this week, we salute you. For those who have a struggle that more than one cup of coffee could not fix, we want to remind... [more]


Meet Rigger: Utilities Asset Inspection Toolkit

Organizations within the Utilities Industries wear many hats, involving themselves in the collection of asset data, managing the wealth of resources for which they are responsible, and maintaining best practices and standards that keep both their employees and customers safe.... [more]


Moving On Up to the ArcGIS Pro Side: Prepping Data for Conversion of Map Documents to Map Projects

If you have not heard of Esri’s ArcGIS Pro, it is safe to say that you have either been out of the GIS game for a while or have been living under a rock. Hopefully a well-furnished rock, but a... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Web Maps, Google, and More...

To help ease out of this long week, I have compiled an overview of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts from this week. There seems to be a theme to this week's posts - a little Google-heavy with a side of web maps.... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Optimization Exploration

Every one of us is a fan of having the ability to choose the path we want. Sure, having a surplus of options in any given direction can be overwhelming. However, we typically prefer to be able to have some... [more]


Mystifying Manners and Overpowering Options

If you have been reading along for previous #MarcoMonday posts, it is likely you have heard a word or two about Integrated Marco Mystic. No, this is not our local fortune teller…or is it?

Integrated Marco Mystic is a web-based client... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Data Portals, IronViz, and More...

Welcome one and all! We have successfully made it to the end of another week, welcoming in a new season and all that comes with it. For those winding down, I have put together a list of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts... [more]


Speed Showcases, Fast Talking, and Moon Walking

This week our team in Calgary, Alberta had the pleasure of speaking to GeoAlberta-goers during the conference's Speed Showcase sessions. For those unfamiliar with this format, each talk lasts ten minutes, allowing presenters to quickly show off their newest concepts,... [more]


Meet the Product: Integrated Python Geoprocessing (pygp)

If you have worked with geoprocessing long enough, there has likely been a thing or two you have wanted to automate to lighten your workload. I mean, there are companies that are built on... [more]


6 Steps for Spatial Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung. Even though it has felt like it here in Houston for a while now, today we usher in the official start of a new season…or so my calendar tells me. Spring marks the start of pleasant weather,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Readiness, Data Viz, and More...

Here we are, folks, at the end of yet another week! For those friends in the United States, if you have been able to make it through without taking naps under your desk or resorting to coffee on an IV... [more]


Meet Offsite: Overland Spill Modeling Automated

Planning is the key to accomplishing almost any endeavor. Want to get that diet under control? Plan ahead, prepping meals ahead of time when you know you will be busy. Want to squeeze more productivity out of the day? Schedule... [more]


Admin Anonymous: Adding Security to Marco Applications

We have all heard the tales of efforts gone awry when a person makes an error in a workflow, sparking chaos. Hours are derailed by a slip-up in a setting or accidentally initiating an alteration. Not only is there lost... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Tableau 10.2, Community Mapping, and More...

As the week is winding down and you are focusing on overlooked emails or traveling back to home-base from the Esri Dev Summit in Palm Springs, let's take a trip down memory lane. I would like to bundle up the... [more]


Meet Guardian: EDMS Online

Oil and gas operators are required by government regulations to maintain Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs. Within this program, they must assess their environmental impact, monitor environmental aspects of their operations, and report this information on... [more]


Marco Goes Pro

There is a Nobel Laureate who once said, "The times they are a-changin'." Although I cannot speak for Bob Dylan, I think that were he a geographer he would be referencing the way we use ArcGIS. Esri's ArcGIS platform is... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Big Data, Google Maps Tours, and More...

Relax, breathe. You have made it...both to this article and Friday. Congratulations! As a reward, I want to give you a breakdown of all the fun articles we have come across this week in #DailyBrainCandiii, share an even more fun... [more]


Meet Folio: Alignment Sheet Extraordinaire

Over the last couple of years, we have given several of our products makeovers. They refused a haircut and new wardrobe so we were forced to settle, opting instead for tailoring functionality and giving them classy new names. One such... [more]


The Broken Data Fight of the 21st Century

Few professionals know pain like a geographer scorn. Scorn not by their boss or colleagues, but by the data they have worked so tirelessly to wrangle as well as the ArcGIS Map Document in which it sits. The source of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Mobile Onboarding, Problematic Projections, and More...

Here we are at the end of the work week. Is it just us, or do short weeks always feel longer? Regardless though, one thing stands true - We made it, folks! As you are winding down, sending out those... [more]


Meet Portage: Navigating Spatial Data Visualization

The world of Data Visualization is a vast and varied beast. For every piece of data you name, there is likely two or twelve or twenty-three ways in which it and its cohorts may be visualized...and potentially even more software... [more]


It's Just Another Marco Monday

I have been wracking my brain, trying to decide on the best way to introduce n00bs to Marco. Should I show off the helpful remapping, or perhaps the fields of data architecture produced during a Spatial Data Inventory? Maybe begin... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Feng Shui for Facility Siting

When you hear Feng Shui, what immediately comes to mind - Arranging your couch just-so? Maybe even folding the socks in that dresser drawer the way Marie Kondo demanded of you? Better yet, do you think of the optimal placement... [more]