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Data Diagnosis Cheat Sheets and Semantics

Periodically evaluating the health of the data on your enterprise network is extremely important. I mean, you see your doctor for check-ups to make sure the old ticker and every other crucial part is working perfectly, right? I will just... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Sanborn, History Lessons, Mountain Peaks, and More...

Around here, we like Friday almost as much we like #DailyBrainCandiii and #MapOfTheDay posts. I mean, who wouldn't? Okay, maybe we do still have our favorites, but you did not hear that from me.

Here's a look at the articles we... [more]


Meet GDX: The Well and Seismic Survey Data Slayer

Both having your data and being able to use it sometimes seems like a bizarre request. We naturally expect – or at the very least, cross our fingers – that the data we spend the time and resources to acquire... [more]


Knowledge Management Know-How

For this week’s rendition of #MarcoMonday, we are taking a step back and giving you a post that is more on the visual side.

If you have been reading along here – or really, any of our social media accounts –... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Seismic Mapping, Sun Glitter, Legos, and More...

Here we are at the end of another week, albeit a very busy week. For those who dropped by to chat at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, we're glad you could make it! For now, we wish everyone... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Casting Calls

If you have any experience with Integrated Geomancy, you know that optimization is the name of its game. As of v3.2 of this application, it has added a whole new level to its game – that of casting.

No, it is... [more]


Spice Up Your Data at 2017 Esri PUG and Beyond

Well guys and gals, this is the week! What week? Well…#EsriPUG week, of course.

For anyone unfamiliar, Esri PUG – or the Esri Petroleum User Conference – is a show held in Houston, TX for those professionals embracing GIS in the... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Google Sheets, Virtual Reality, Poetic Caricatures, and More...

Here we are at the close of another week. For those who have faired well this week, we salute you. For those who have a struggle that more than one cup of coffee could not fix, we want to remind... [more]


Meet Rigger: Utilities Asset Inspection Toolkit

Organizations within the Utilities Industries wear many hats, involving themselves in the collection of asset data, managing the wealth of resources for which they are responsible, and maintaining best practices and standards that keep both their employees and customers safe.... [more]


Moving On Up to the ArcGIS Pro Side: Prepping Data for Conversion of Map Documents to Map Projects

If you have not heard of Esri’s ArcGIS Pro, it is safe to say that you have either been out of the GIS game for a while or have been living under a rock. Hopefully a well-furnished rock, but a... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Photography, Web Maps, Google, and More...

To help ease out of this long week, I have compiled an overview of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts from this week. There seems to be a theme to this week's posts - a little Google-heavy with a side of web maps.... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Optimization Exploration

Every one of us is a fan of having the ability to choose the path we want. Sure, having a surplus of options in any given direction can be overwhelming. However, we typically prefer to be able to have some... [more]


Mystifying Manners and Overpowering Options

If you have been reading along for previous #MarcoMonday posts, it is likely you have heard a word or two about Integrated Marco Mystic. No, this is not our local fortune teller…or is it?

Integrated Marco Mystic is a web-based client... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Citizen Science, Geospatial Data Portals, IronViz, and More...

Welcome one and all! We have successfully made it to the end of another week, welcoming in a new season and all that comes with it. For those winding down, I have put together a list of our #DailyBrainCandiii posts... [more]


Speed Showcases, Fast Talking, and Moon Walking

This week our team in Calgary, Alberta had the pleasure of speaking to GeoAlberta-goers during the conference's Speed Showcase sessions. For those unfamiliar with this format, each talk lasts ten minutes, allowing presenters to quickly show off their newest concepts,... [more]


Meet the Product: Integrated Python Geoprocessing (pygp)

If you have worked with geoprocessing long enough, there has likely been a thing or two you have wanted to automate to lighten your workload. I mean, there are companies that are built on... [more]


6 Steps for Spatial Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung. Even though it has felt like it here in Houston for a while now, today we usher in the official start of a new season…or so my calendar tells me. Spring marks the start of pleasant weather,... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Geospatial Readiness, Life of Pi, Data Viz, and More...

Here we are, folks, at the end of yet another week! For those friends in the United States, if you have been able to make it through without taking naps under your desk or resorting to coffee on an IV... [more]


Meet Offsite: Overland Spill Modeling Automated

Planning is the key to accomplishing almost any endeavor. Want to get that diet under control? Plan ahead, prepping meals ahead of time when you know you will be busy. Want to squeeze more productivity out of the day? Schedule... [more]


Admin Anonymous: Adding Security to Marco Applications

We have all heard the tales of efforts gone awry when a person makes an error in a workflow, sparking chaos. Hours are derailed by a slip-up in a setting or accidentally initiating an alteration. Not only is there lost... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Human Geography, Tableau 10.2, Community Mapping, and More...

As the week is winding down and you are focusing on overlooked emails or traveling back to home-base from the Esri Dev Summit in Palm Springs, let's take a trip down memory lane. I would like to bundle up the... [more]


Meet Guardian: EDMS Online

Oil and gas operators are required by government regulations to maintain Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs. Within this program, they must assess their environmental impact, monitor environmental aspects of their operations, and report this information on... [more]


Marco Goes Pro

There is a Nobel Laureate who once said, "The times they are a-changin'." Although I cannot speak for Bob Dylan, I think that were he a geographer he would be referencing the way we use ArcGIS.

Esri's ArcGIS platform is one... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Big Data, Color Palettes, Google Maps Tours, and More...

Relax, breathe. You have made it...both to this article and Friday. Congratulations! As a reward, I want to give you a breakdown of all the fun articles we have come across this week in #DailyBrainCandiii, share an even more fun... [more]


Meet Folio: Alignment Sheet Extraordinaire

Over the last couple of years, we have given several of our products makeovers. They refused a haircut and new wardrobe so we were forced to settle, opting instead for tailoring functionality and giving them classy new names. One such... [more]


The Broken Data Fight of the 21st Century

Few professionals know pain like a geographer scorn. Scorn not by their boss or colleagues, but by the data they have worked so tirelessly to wrangle as well as the ArcGIS Map Document in which it sits. The source of... [more]


Weekliii Round-Up: Mobile Onboarding, Problematic Projections, United States of Energy, and More...

Here we are at the end of the work week. Is it just us, or do short weeks always feel longer? Regardless though, one thing stands true -- We made it, folks! As you are winding down, sending out those... [more]


Meet Portage: Navigating Spatial Data Visualization

The world of Data Visualization is a vast and varied beast. For every piece of data you name, there is likely two or twelve or twenty-three ways in which it and its cohorts may be visualized...and potentially even more software... [more]


It's Just Another Marco Monday

I have been wracking my brain, trying to decide on the best way to introduce n00bs to Marco. Should I show off the helpful remapping, or perhaps the fields of data architecture produced during a Spatial Data Inventory? Maybe begin... [more]


Meet Geomancy: Feng Shui for Facility Siting

When you hear Feng Shui, what immediately comes to mind -- Arranging your couch just-so? Maybe even folding the socks in that dresser drawer the way Marie Kondo demanded of you? Better yet, do you think of the optimal placement... [more]