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Integrated Folio

Integrated Folio

The Integrated Folio application offers a refreshingly simple approach to generating alignment sheets within an ArcGIS environment. This modern mapping application allows for full flexibility of generating templates from an Excel-based configuration file, populates the template with the specified data layers, and supports the full richness of symbology and labeling of ArcGIS.

Folio is a fully-interactive infographic along your corridor—meaning, any page within the map series may be navigated to and viewed live within the application. This add-in to ArcGIS offers the ability to export individual maps to both Adobe Portable Document Format and Esri Map Documents to allow for further tweaks, changes, or edits.

With support for virtually any data source that can be used within ArcGIS, Folio is able to generate alignment sheets using shapefiles, geodatabases, event layers, elevation profiles, and more. Fuse together data from UPDM, APDM, PODS, PODS Spatial, other industries, and client-specific databases to build data rich alignment sheets.

For more information, download the brochure.

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