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Meet Guardian: EDMS Online

Meet Guardian: EDMS Online

Oil and gas operators are required by government regulations to maintain Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs. Within this program, they must assess their environmental impact, monitor environmental aspects of their operations, and report this information on a periodic basis.

This sounds simple enough. Data is collected, maintained, and reported. This data helps to form the foundation for detecting change in the environment over time. This is the good part of the story.

The bad? There tend to be a lack of technologies available to manage such a large and diverse data investment. Because of this need in the industry, we developed Integrated Guardian.

EDMS Online

A GIS-based Environmental Effects Data Management System, Integrated Guardian is designed for the support of offshore oil and gas operations. The system allows for integration, analysis, and reporting within a common database and web-mapping platform.

Run in a web-browser and better yet, not requiring ArcGIS Desktop or plug-ins, this application allows the user to efficiently access large volumes of past and current data while facilitating robust statistical and temporal analysis.

Robust Geoprocessing Capabilities

Integrated Guardian consolidates environmental data into a standard database and allows this data to be viewed, analyzed, and reported directly within a web browser. This system encompasses the regulatory requirements, balancing these requirements with the work processes needed to support and facilitate data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Built on top of ArcGIS Server and utilizing the geoprocessing framework, Integrated Guardian enables advanced processing functionality for trending spatial data such as Kriging, IDW statistics, and more. It allows for quick and easy access to advanced geoprocessing techniques via a simple web interface without the requirement for ArcGIS Desktop or plug-ins.

Key Features

This solution may be consumed by the web browser of your choosing, offering an easy to navigate view of data and WMS layers. Making this environmental management solution available via the web empowers operators with readily accessible data manipulation, visualization, and analysis tools that can be employed on a day-to-day basis in the even of an emergency.

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