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Our team at Integrated Informatics Inc. works within and alongside organizations to advise on and develop strategies for Enterprise implementations. By putting the experience and skills of our consultants and developers to use, we are able to help clients better manage spatial data by implementing new systems for diagnosis and clean-up to assess resources long-term. We also excel in workflow process support, applying geoprocessing development to fulfill complex business needs and harness the full capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

Our collective experience in engineering, environmental, geomatics, geology, and computer science disciplines uniquely positions us with the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide assistance for many circumstances that arise at an Enterprise level. This is especially true in the Natural Resources, Electric, and Environmental sectors in which we primarily focus. Situations that are commonly addressed in these arenas include system and solution design and improvement as well as the consolidation and integration of disparate data sources into a homogeneous database with the goal of enabling discipline-based workflows, analysis, and reporting. This perspective also allows us to better engage with our clients, furthering their own proficiency in the subjects and software involved by offering GIS training and support from a solution standpoint as well as through our Braincandiii training division. No matter the tasks required, we are eager to lend a hand.

Efficiency is our strong suit, developing solutions to help organizations and teams better manage their day-to-day and highly specialized workflows. By studying the client's current approach and working with teams to decipher anticipated steps, we can improve and re-engineer workflows with repeatable and efficient processes. We provide our clients with capabilities to streamline decision making procedures and encapsulate complex routines into comprehensive, consistent, and repeatable results.

We realize workflows that are native to Oil and Gas, Electric Utilities, and other industries tend to be highly involved and often have huge economic and environmental impact. The development of applications and Add-Ins for ArcGIS helps us to standardize these functions while presenting them in a user-friendly and familiar environment to further enable success. These solutions may be presented out of the box or customized to reflect project requirements for a variety of circumstances - such as Vegetation Management Programs in an Electric Utility, Full Field Optimization in Petroleum, Fate and Transport Modeling in Oil and Gas, Alignment Sheet Generation across the board, and more. When administering tools available in software like Integrated Forte, Integrated Geomancy, Integrated Offsite, and Integrated Folio, repeatable and reliable results can be produced in a fraction of the time and effort these tasks typically require.

No matter size or discipline, every organization working with GIS is responsible for maintaining the spatial data consumed or generated during geoprocessing. As an organization and its responsibilities grow, the amount of data to be managed can quickly become insurmountable - making the processes currently employed for its routine maintenance no longer sufficient. By working with professionals who actively use ArcGIS and its components, we have developed top-of-the-line solutions to help in the organization, conversion, and upkeep of these files with ease.

Deployed as a suite, Integrated Marco Studio is a Knowledge Management (KM) system unlike any other in the spatial data sector. Its individual applications are designed to inventory spatial data on the network, determine whether each source is intact, quickly repoint and repath broken data sources, and much more. It facilitates the creation of comprehensive catalogues that can be easily searched and analyzed.

In a time when companies are more conscientious about those resources in use, these KM solutions help teams monitor data usage and efficiency - as well as prepare data to be relocated or upgraded to a platform like ArcGIS Pro. Applications like Integrated Marco Desktop and Integrated Marco Mystic are essential in better defining KM standards, ensuring both the data and those who govern it are ready for anything.