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Porting Products to use Python and ArcGIS 10

Porting Products to use Python and ArcGIS 10

A couple months ago we began a rather intense process of redesigning and porting as many of our products from ArcObjects to pure Python. We're pleased to say that we have migrated the lion share of our analytic and mapping products to use only Python, the Geoprocessing framework, and in certain cases the newly exposed mapping capabilties of ArcGIS 10.

The beautiful part of having used Python for our products is that we have been able to support multiple versions of ArcGIS (presently 9.2 through to 10) with a single code base via the use of our internally developed pygp Python package.

Here are just two examples of applications that have been ported 1) Integrated Repoint and Repath and 2) Integrated Class Location Analyst

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