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Unmanned Aerial Data Systems

Unmanned Aerial Data Systems

eBee Unmanned Aerial Data System

Integrated Informatics Inc. now offers a complete aerial data solution, from data capture to analysis and data management, using senseFly’s eBee unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This solution offers a significant cost-reduction related to mobilization and demobilization of fixed-wing and helicopter surveys. This system allows for flexibility with respect to spatial resolution and vertical accuracy that will result in more accurate analysis results.

At less than 0.7 kg, the eBee is one of the lightest drones on the market. Its flexible foam airframe and rear-mounted propeller are designed to ensure the safety of both the drone and the people on the ground.

  • Altitude: Operating altitude is defined by desired resolution but typically between 90 and 200 m AGL
  • Resolution: Spatial resolution of output imagery ranges between 3 cm and 10 cm. The lower you fly, the finer the resolution. 5 cm is suitable for most applications with an AGL altitude of ~160 m
  • Accuracy: With appropriate ground control, we can achieve 5 cm for vertical and horizontal accuracy
  • Flight time: Limited to a maximum of 45 mins. per flight based on battery life. Flying at 160 m AGL, can cover 200 ha in 40 mins
  • Range: Limited to 3 km from launch point based on maintaining radio communication and/or adherence to Visual Flight Rules


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