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Integrated Informatics Inc. works within and alongside organizations to advise on and develop strategies for Enterprise implementations. We are able to help clients with system and solution design and development, consolidation and integration of disparate data sources into a homogeneous database with the goal of enabling workflows, analyses, and reporting.

Our life-cycle approach to project implementation has proven successful for our clients, enabling them to extract value from the implementation and use the system to support the decision-making process.

Take a look at some of the Enterprise Services we have to offer:

software development

The Development Team at Integrated Informatics spans the United States and Canada building custom applications and interfaces for our clients as well as our own commercial and turnkey solutions. With expertise in languages like Python, Java, and many more, our team is skilled in every part of the development process - from requirements gathering and design mockup to programming, implementation, QA, and even support.

We embrace the challenge of creating software and technology for our clients that will prove essential to their workflows and business. Examples of resources our Development Team has produced includes:


Training is an essential part of supporting your user community and ensuring that they are able to make the most of your enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation. However, training is only the starting point for properly outfitting your professionals with the tools to become proficient with this technology.

Our team offers continued Support Services based on your needs, allowing you the opportunity to get more help along the way. Discover ways in which we can support your organization:

business analysis

Analyzing and automating the methodologies and processes that organizations take advantage of to accomplish tasks is at the core of what we do at Integrated Informatics Inc. This attention to detail is essential in supporting clients with Workflow Process Support, Strategy Development & Implementation, and even Software Development.

Find out more about the ways in which we have helped clients with their Business Analysis needs: