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Simplified Solutions: Transmission and Pipeline

Simplified Solutions: Transmission and Pipeline

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, and Transmission and Pipeline.

Today, we will be introducing those applications that fall under Transmission and Pipeline. You are sure to see a familiar face or two below.

Overland Flow Out of the Old-School

Integrated Offsite offers a new approach to fate and transport modeling of uncontrolled releases from liquid pipelines over land and along streams and rivers. Deployed as an Add-In for ArcGIS, its advanced capabilities include the handling of land cover, soil infiltration, automatic flow convergence and divergence, as well as ensuring that fluid properties are addressed in all aspects of the modeling process.

Alignment Sheets at Their Finest

Integrated Folio is the modernized, friendlier solution to the ever popular Alignment Sheet Generator. This mapping application allows for full flexibility in generating templates from an Excel-based configuration file, populates the template with the specified data layers, and supports the full richness of symbology and labeling of ArcGIS. This Add-In to ArcGIS offers the ability to export individual maps to both Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and Esri Map Documents (MXD) to facilitate further tweaks, changes, or edits.

Feng Shui Facility Siting

Integrated Geomancy is a robust and unique toolkit for the Oil and Gas industry. This system supports optimum design through balancing all of the factors of constructability and sustainability in conjunction with overarching goals and constraints - and is used for planning and siting of Wells, Well Pads, Well Laterals, Pipeline, Access Roads, and Central Process Facilities. An Add-In for ArcGIS, this offers tools for project and data management, analysis, reporting, and scenario processing.

Class Location Analysis

Integrated Class Location is designed to enable pipeline operators to automate class location analyses based on industry guidance and regulations. The analysis within this solution is a regulatory-driven process used to ensure adequate levels of pipeline integrity and public safety.

HCA All Day

Integrated High Consequence Analyst is available as a stand-alone HCA tool for organizations that may not need the full functionality of toolkits like Integrated Offsite. This solution is data-model independent, handling nearly any spatial data or custom data model you throw its way.

Other Solutions

Previously, we introduced you to those Decision Support, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, and Specialty solutions designed with complex processes and repeatable results in mind. Interested in more details about each of these toolkits or want to see what other solutions we offer? Drop by our Solutions page for quick breakdown.

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