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Integrated Portage

Integrated Portage provides tools for sharing data between ArcGIS and Tableau—giving you the best of both worlds and all the benefits of advanced spatial analyses combined with high-quality visualizations.

Data can be shared round-trip from ArcGIS to Tableau and from Tableau to ArcGIS. This solution offers full support for tables, views, layers, and feature classes in ArcGIS, quickly exporting files into high performance Tableau Data Extracts (TDE). Export features as complete geometries or as simple points, choose the columns to include, honor selection sets, apply queries on the fly, and automate workflows by including these tools in Model Builder.

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Spatial data. Simplified.

Managing enterprise spatial data can often be overwhelming. Good news is that it does not have to be.

Integrated Marco Studio is a suite of Knowledge Management solutions for Esri's ArcGIS designed to alleviate issues that arise when managing geographic data across an organization. With applications for discovering spatial data on the network, finding and fixing broken paths, preparing your team for the move to the ArcGIS Pro platform, and much more, its the key to getting the most out of what you have at your fingertips.

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