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Integrated Repoint and Repath Version 3.5
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Integrated Geomancy
"The Feng Shui of Facility Siting"

Integrated Geomancy provides a comprehensive and holistic methodology allowing for full integration and interaction between environmental, economic, construction, and reclamation factors involved in field development.

The system supports optimum design through balancing all of these factors, as well as the overarching goals and constraints and is used for planning and siting of Pipelines, Access Roads, Well pads, and Central Processing

Learn more about what makes Integrated
Geomancy the "feng shui of facility siting."


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BrainCandiii develops and delivers Geographic Information System (GIS) training courses to meet the needs of Energy, Natural Resource and other professionals. Our courses demonstrate the use of GIS as an effective tool to tackle real workflow processes and analytic tasks.